A Front Seat at Expo 2007

As I mentioned earlier, I attended the Podcast and New Media Expo last month in Ontario, CA.  Some of the presentations were designed specifically for educators.  I soaked up so much valuable information.  I was also a bit overwhelmed with how little I knew, and I see that I could be on the computer 24/7 to keep up.  Baby steps and just having the courage to try new things is most important. Action, not perfection.

I’m happy to offer you for free a front row seat at the panel discussion focusing on podcasting in K-12 education.  Dr. Kathy King and Mark Gura recorded the presentation as a ”Director’s commentary” on their Teacher’s Podcast.  You will also find the slides and resources. Go to the Teacher’s Podcast.  Their podcast covers the expo nicely.

Eventually all of the presentations will be available through the Podcast Academy. Listening to last year’s audio inspired me to attend this year.

Additionally, I found it useful to review the Podcasting Legal Guide, which was recommended for all who podcast.

Below is a podcast I created at the Expo with Mark Gura, Dr. Kathy King and Dan “the Math Man”.  We found a quiet place and chatted.


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