Getting a Handle on the Blogosphere

From How to Save the World Blog

WHAT THE BLOGOSPHERE WANTS MORE OF…. I will be working on it.

Blog readers want to see more…..

  • original research, surveys etc.
  • original, well-crafted fiction
  • great finds: resources, blogs,essays, artistic works
  • news not found anywhere else
  • category killers: aggregators that capture the best of many blogs/feeds, so they need not be read individually
  • clever, concise political opinion consistent with their own views
  • benchmarks,quantitative analysis
  • personal stories, experiences, lessons learned
  • first-hand accounts
  • live reports from events
  • insight:leading-edge thinking & novel perspectives
  • short educational pieces
  • relevant “aha” graphics
  • great photos
  • useful tools and checklists
  • précis, summaries, reviews and other time-savers
  • fun stuff: quizzes, self-evaluations, other interactive content

Blog writers want to see more…

  • constructive criticism, reaction, feedback
  • ‘thank you’ comments, and why readers liked their post
  • requests for future posts on specific subjects
  • foundation articles: posts that writers can build on, on their own blogs
  • reading lists/aggregations of material on specific, leading-edge subjects that writers can use as resource material
  • wonderful examples of writing of a particular genre, that they can learn from
  • comments that engender lively discussion
  • guidance on how to write in the strange world of weblogs

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