Groundwater Movement Video

As part of our Water Quality scenario of the Hydroville Curriculum Project, we produced an Introduction to Groundwater video which follows a student worksheet.  It was a collaborative project with Todd Jarvis of the Institute for Water and Watersheds at Oregon State University.

This DVD is a 21-minute video that covers aquifers, groundwater movement, contaminant plumes, and groundwater protection.

Mentioned in the video is information about the bottled water industry. There was a recent expansion of the Oregon Bottle Bill to cover the 126 million plastic bottles discarded annualy in landfills. The 2007 Oregon Legislature passed legislation that adds water and flavored water containers to the bottle bill, beginning in January 2009, and establishes a task force to study what further changes may be needed (see fact sheet titled “The Expanded Bottle Bill”).

Audiences of this video have gone beyond the high school classroom. City public works staff, state water officials, and higher education students find it valuable. We hope you will also find this video valuable for your audiences. Please just reference it back to the Hydroville Curriculum Project at Oregon State University.

Dr. Todd Jarvis as a guest speaker at the Water Quality Curriculum Summer Institute for the Hydroville Curriculum Project in June 2007.


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