Just One Question

David Eckoff, VP of New Product Development & Innovation at Turner Broadcasting was a memorable speaker at PodcampSoCal.

He shared that there is just one question to ask when evaluating the success of a social media project – Do you know what that is?

The one question to ask your audience is…….

“Would you recommend this to a friend or colleague?” Rate 0 to 10.

Those that rate it 9-10 are Promoters (they create “buzz” and are the most important to build an audience and community)

7-8 are Passive

0-6 are Detractors (which create the opposite of a “buzz” and will keep people away).

This is why getting feedback is key. And to get feedback, you must be connected to your audience.  Check out MyChingo.  It allows people to give you audio feedback very easily from your site. It is quick and easy for them, and perhaps you will want to insert this audio feedback into your podcast.


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  1. hirschn
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 23:46:25

    Naomi, thanks for the kind words, glad to hear you found the presentation memorable and useful.

    The math for Net Promoter Score: determine the percentage who are “Promoters”, subtract the percentage who are “Detractors”, and that equals your “Net Promoter Score”. The perfect growth engine is 100% score. And the worst growth engine is 0% score. Once you get a benchmark, keep striving to increase this score.
    From David Eckoff –

    If you want to dive deeper into this approach, you’ll want to get the book on it: “The Ultimate Question – Driving Good Profits and True Growth”, by Fred Reichheld.

    There are also some good articles on Net Promoter Score on the web.

    Thanks again for your kind words.



  2. hirschn
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 23:47:15


    It was such a great surprise to get your comment. Thanks for providing supporting resources and information.


    P.S. On another note for discussion from readers: Comments came up during my presentation related to a slight fear in knowing how much discussion takes place in blogs and not knowing how our health information is interpreted. What I like about blogs is that you can set up a way to know when your name is used on a blog and have the opportunity to review the information and comment back. It is also a great way to see how your information is interprested and get feedback on it’s application and interest. And of course, it’s creates this wonderful virtual learning community.


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