Science Education in Ethiopia

Since I will be traveling to Ethiopia later this Spring and raising an Ethiopian-American child, I have great interest in environmental health in Ethiopia and making a difference there.

I was passed a nice web site that teaches chemistry in a more interesting way. You are able to click on elements within the periodic table and watch a video to learn more about that metal. See

It got more interesting when the University of Nottingham went to Ethiopia and helped the students make a periodic table in their language of Amharic. See the video below.

Here is additional information that shares the environmental health challenges of Ethiopia. Partnering universities are a great way to make a difference.

And this is great about how nice it is to give an Ethiopian scientist a new experience.


Engaging Environmental Health Education

There is a new “Health eHome” on-line that is quite impressive.   This content was created from an educational collaboration between WebMD Editorial and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Within this eHome, people can go room to room  and learn about the various toxins around their home. Most toxins can easily be replaced with alternatives. For some, such as personal care products, it takes being a “being a label detective”.  Can you pronounce all of the ingredients? That is a start.

The engagement factor combined with the valuable information provided and enhanced with videos, makes “Health eHome“a real winner!

Ch Ch Ch Changes……

I came across this great article on measuring ROI of on-line buzz. Measuring Social Media

Within the document is a link to the slides of a PR News Workshop given by KDPaine & Partners, Web-based measurement firm. I thought is was a worthwhile read. Included is a link to “Measuring the ROI of social media.” .   Below is a David Letterman list from the slides that I thought was worthy of repeating.

10 signs that this is the end of the world as we know it
10. Business Week writes a story about Twitter on Twitter
9. Gatekeepers? What’s a gate keeper? Deadline? What’s a deadline?
8.A start up company got 100 great marketing ideas for free from Twitter & Two women
raised over $6000 in a day Twittering about frozen peas
7. $0-budget YouTube videos about Barack Obama were seen by 120 times the audience of
Hilary Clinton’s “largest town hall meeting in US history” that cost millions
6. IBM receives more leads, sales and exposure from a $500 podcast than it does from an
5. Procter & Gamble is “co-creating” all its marketing with its customers
4. Advertisers are starting to admit that all their measures are flawed
3.Google has replaced the thesaurus, the encyclopedia, the dictionary and my short term
2.Wikipedia is nearly as accurate and just as credible as the Encyclopedia Brittannica and
a lot more people use it.
1. Measurement is easy

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