What’s Next

I took a break from adding posts to this blog. Perhaps that was a mistake. As I look back on past posts, I’m empowered. I forget all what we have done and the unlimited number of possibilities of where we can go.

The posts remind me of why I am working and how I can we make a difference.

I recently attended the NIEHS Annual Meeting in Louisville. When I put together our poster on “A Framework for Evaluating and Organizing Professional Development Workshops”, I was able to see one important finding: When we educate health professionals and empower them to help others, they use the information first and foremost on themselves and their family. And If we are motivated, inspired, and empowered personally, we can make more of a difference in our work.

I think I need to brainstorm on what’s next. Every Monday, I will post new ideas to incorporate in our outreach effort.   I hope they motivate me. I don’t want to forget anymore about the unlimited possibilities. Let’s see. What should I call it??

  • “Monday Gladness” – New Ideas to Start a Happy Week
  • PODela -Brain- tion Day: Getting the Brain Pumped Up for the Week
  • “Podelate To Be Great” – A Weekly Post to Keep You Away from the Monday Blues

Ok, I don’t want a name to stop me.  Any ideas?


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