Empowering Uses of Technology

From The Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NETC)

You’ll know your integration is effective if it is:

  • Supporting diverse learners needs (SPED, ELL, TAG) /Meeting more diverse learning needs
  • Enabling a wider range of teaching styles /Augmenting teachers’ instructional style
  • Increasing the range of “hard-to-master” teaching strategies
  • Creating more positive teacher/student relationships
  • Building cooperation between students
  • Allowing teachers to see and appreciate students’ strengths rather than their deficits
  • Allowing more precise “on-the-fly”/”real-time” identification of barriers to student learning
  • Helping teachers use data to modify instruction
  • Expanding students’ appreciation and understanding of other people and cultures – both in class and globally
  • Helping students “shine” in the classroom
  • Targeted clearly toward identified school /classroom improvement goals
  • Introduced and taught in the context of core curriculum activities and projects rather than as standalone technology skills units

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