About the Author:  Naomi Hirsch

Naomi is a Program Coordinator with the Environmental Health Sciences Center Community Outreach and Education Program at Oregon State University. Her interests include innovation and creativity related to emerging technology, teaching and learning, assessment, and community engagement.  A Resume Cloud is below.

This site is designed specifically to support and empower NIEHS environmental health community outreach and engagement cores (COEC)  with social media issues and topics.

Get “PODelated”!! Ok, So what is podelation? It is not in a dictionary (yet), but this is what I think it would say:

Main Entry: podelation

Part of Speech: noun (verb = podelate)

Definition: A feeling or state of great joy and pride coming from podcasting in education.

Usage: By 2009, this word will become widely used. (ok, this didn’t happen)


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