Web 2.0 Storytelling

The latest issue of Educause has an article entitled,
Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre
My interest in digital storytelling began in 2003 when I was a graduate student. My focus was a project using blogs to build healthy communities. I think I will always continue on looking for the right project that involves digital storytelling to incorporate into our center program outreach.

I came across some software called “VoiceThread“.  Have you heard of it? Check out this example of it showing how different voices share their story and perspective on an image.

CogDogRoo is a site of 50+ web tools you can use to create your own web-based story. These have unlimited uses for educational outreach. It takes being creative and having the courage to try something new.

Here are some interesting papers on digital storytelling related to public health:


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