Learning from Adversity

ASCD has some new video clips in preparation for the 2011 Annual Conference. One hit home. When trying to get faculty and personnel to adopt new ways of doing things, it is easy to get defensive and take things personally, because it can get so frustrating. It is important to not take lack of interest personally and let egos take control. Just continue to share what is possible.

Video: Heidi Hays Jacobs on Learning From Adversity

Heidi Hayes Jacobs edited a book called, Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World. The way it ends to describe changes in the classroom also hits home for how we can make those changes.

  • We need to move from knowing the right answers to knowing how to behave when the answers are not readily apparent;
  • We need to shift from transmitting meaning to students to finding ways for student to construct meaning;
  • We need to move away from just external evaluations (by the teacher, of student work) to more self-assessment, which breeds improvement.


Staying in a World of Possibilities

I am a graduate of Landmark Education – a transformational/leadership program. Reflecting on this education, I am reminded that my work is not about me, it is about those who I inspire. For all of us working in environmental health education, it is not how hard we work, but how much we inspire and motivate our audiences so they can transform their environments and improve their health.

Below is a video about Ben Zander, a conductor of an orchestra, who shares how all of us can work, no matter what field we are in.

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