Jumping up on the “On-line Learning” Train

Toot Toot…… Getting a handle on on-line learning takes a strong caboose and a motivated locomotive engineer.  Today, I thought I would  give myself a boost up.

The growth of on-line learning is shown in a recent article by the Chronicle of Higher Ed: Online Learning: By the Numbers

Some recent articles share that most faculty are motivated to teach on-line if it is the best way to reach certain students and it meets student needs of a flexible schedule.  I found some other statistics from the Chronicle of Higher Ed interesting. It is not surprising the majority of faculty who have never taught on-line, don’t get the value and potential.  What stood out for me was the even distribution of tenured, tenured track and non-tenured track faculty that teach, and the different experiences depending on gender of instructors.  See Faculty Views about on-line learning

Pure lecture puts students to sleep in person, and I can’t imagine doing it on-line.  It would be so boring and truly turn off students. Look at best practices for teaching in-person to spark ideas for teaching on-line. I found a great article: A Brief Summary of the Best Practices in College Teaching and a resource from the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory: Focus on Effectiveness


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