Credible Blogs for Scientific Research

I would love to get more researchers to blog. I know for some, especially Post Docs and graduate students, there is fear that their writing will be misinterepreted or by chance impact their career later down the road. The challenge is that everyone has a voice with blogs and some information may not be accurate.

A news blog for research called, strives to identify serious academic blog posts about peer-reviewed research with an aggregation site where others can look to find the best academic blogging on the Net.  See their article,
Where will science blogging go from here?


Behind this Blog

I was recently interviewed by Jana Zvibleman from the Research Office at Oregon State University.

The audio below is 10 minutes long talking about the outreach program and what we have and will be doing with new technology.

Learn more about Naomi Hirsch, the Environmental Health Sciences Center Community Outreach and Education Program, The Hydroville Curriculum Project, or Unsolved Mysteries of Human Health.

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